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Chiropractic Manual Therapy


Chiropractic Manual Therapy

Chiropractic manual therapy is a specialized technique used in physiotherapy to diagnose, treat, and prevent muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilage conditions.
It involves hands-on manipulation and adjustment of the spine, joints, and soft tissues to alleviate pain, improve function, and enhance overall well-being. This therapy aims to restore proper alignment and movement patterns in the body, thereby reducing tension, inflammation, and discomfort.
Chiropractic manual therapy can be effective for a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and sports injuries.
At Human Care Physio, our skilled therapists utilize chiropractic manual therapy as part of our comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, helping our clients achieve optimal recovery and improved quality of life.

Advantages of Chiropractic manual therapy

  • Hands-on manipulation of the spine, joints, and soft tissues
  • Improves alignment, function, and overall well-being
  • Enhances mobility
  • Improves nervous system function
Unlike some other therapies, chiropractic manual therapy offers personalized treatment tailored to each individual’s unique needs and condition.
It can effectively alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance mobility without the use of medication or surgery. Chiropractic adjustments can also help improve nervous system function, promote better posture, and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.
Additionally, chiropractic manual therapy is non-invasive and generally well-tolerated by patients, with minimal risk of side effects. With its focus on restoring proper alignment and function in the body, chiropractic manual therapy offers a holistic approach to rehabilitation and can provide long-lasting relief from musculoskeletal conditions.