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Cardiovascular Physiotherapy


At Human Care Physio Clinic, Cardiovascular Physiotherapy is all about enhancing heart health. Our specialized physiotherapists use proven methods to assess and treat conditions like heart disease, hypertension and cardiac surgery recovery.

Through personalized exercise plans, lifestyle adjustments and education, we strive to boost heart function, endurance and overall wellness. Our holistic approach prioritizes reducing risks, managing symptoms and improving the lives of those with cardiovascular issues.

By promoting heart health and fitness, we empower individuals to live vibrant, fulfilling lives.

Questions ? You're Covered

While cardiovascular physiotherapy primarily focuses on heart-related conditions, it can also provide benefits for peripheral vascular issues like varicose veins or peripheral artery disease by improving circulation and reducing symptoms.

Yes, cardiovascular physiotherapy is often recommended as part of cardiac rehabilitation programs following a heart attack or cardiac event. Our physiotherapists design safe and gradual exercise programs to aid in recovery and improve heart function.

Absolutely, our physiotherapists are experienced in working with individuals with congenital heart defects or complex cardiac conditions. We tailor treatment plans to address specific needs, focusing on improving cardiovascular function and enhancing quality of life.

While our primary focus is on exercise and lifestyle modifications, we may provide general dietary guidance or refer patients to registered dietitians for more specialized nutrition counselling to complement their cardiovascular physiotherapy program.

Yes, cardiovascular physiotherapy can have positive effects on psychological well-being by promoting physical activity, reducing stress, and improving overall mood. We may also collaborate with mental health professionals or counsellors to address any psychological concerns alongside physical rehabilitation.

Maintaining Your Quality of Life

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